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 The new bad ass

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PostSubject: The new bad ass   Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:08 am

Sup, I am here to roleplay as Frieza.

Hench: Zarbon


PL: 5,000
HP: 2,000
Ki: 1,250
Strength: 1,000
Speed: 1,500
Zeni: 1,000

Transformations: Freeza like his brother Cooler begins with all his Transformations. Unlike his brother he has 4 forms and can go back and forth between them with ease.

Unlocked all Transformations!


Capsule Corporation Creator (4,000 Zeni/week) - The prime position in Capsule Corporation, invent new technology for the item shop. Approved new inventions are worth extra Zeni.
Perk: Save 25 % on all items in the Item Shop.

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The new bad ass
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