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 Request for Administrator Status!

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PostSubject: Request for Administrator Status!   Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:59 am

I'm not one of those really annoying short talk people that use short computer language like "L8ter". I have correct punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and grammer plus, I have experienced many as an admin before. I even run my own phpbb forum. This RPG looked good and I was wondering if I could contribute and help with a few designs and maybe make more roll playing stuff and help out.

My activity is somewhat poor because I only come on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays but I can stay on almost all day and even bring my friends [Sorry, I suck at advertising but I plan on creating a poster if I can find out all the features of this forum]. Trust me, I swear to god I'll make this forum the best and most best designed DBZ RPG more efforted than any other RPG.

If you do not wish to make me an admin or mod, it is fine. You just have to know me more of how I post and my roll playing style hm? Well, I'll support that. I'll be posting in different forums and I'll be following the rules. (Which you did not make or I couldn't find it.)

Need more of a convincing explanation?

How's this. Make me administrator-You can trust me, and I'll create updates like make a chatbox and more forums however you like it. Ask me how to do anything and I'll teach you how. I'm very experienced with the admin panel and looking around hiring people to be admin, this is your lucky day. So make up your mind now.
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Request for Administrator Status!
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