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 Only The Strongest

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PostSubject: Only The Strongest   Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:16 pm

A notice to all other warriors: Trunks and I, 17, will soon be embarking on a journey across space, seeking any way possible to increase our strength. During this time we expect all those left on Earth to train hard and find any means possible to gain strength. This also means we will be absent from the next couple of world tournaments, allowing other warriors to shine. You may attempt to contact us at any time through the Capsule Corp. Communication software we have on-board our ship. We have no intent of taking over anything, we are merely seeking power to defend those who cannot defend themselves. So I say, to any evil warriors out there, if you wish to fight, come and find us, because you sure as hell don't want us to have to find you.
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Only The Strongest
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